salon rules and policies

1. All customers must provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations against rabies. Services cannot be performed if this documentation cannot be provided. Acceptable paperwork includes invoices from a vet clinic, rabies clinic documents signed by a vet, or vaccination certificates from a vet clinic. TITER TESTS and RABIES TAGS are not acceptable.

2. Sometimes it is not possible or safe due to behaviour or health to complete a groom. Groomers have the right to stop a groom at any point during the appointment.

3. All customers will be called when their dog is ready to be picked up. Customers have 1 hour to pick up their dog from the time of completion. Customers will be charged $15.00 for every 30 minutes they are late picking up past the 1 hour grace period as we do not have facilities to keep dogs longer than their appointment.

4. Matting is a SERIOUS health risk and takes special care to remove. Dematting a dog (by clippering or brushing) increases the risk of skin irritation, knicks, bruising, etc. We will not spend more than 10 minutes brushing out a matted coat. A matted coat may result in us having to clip the coat short all over. Once mats are removed, hidden health issues may be revealed such as bruises from mats, parasites, skin Infections, etc. There is an extra charge due to the extra time it takes and excess wear and tear to equipment.

5. It IS NOT advisable to shave a breed with a double coat. Damaging the fur may mean the coat will grow back with a different texture, different colour, or not at all. Groomers have the right to refuse to shave a double coated dog. If a double coated dog is to be shaved an extra fee may be applied. This fee is to cover the extra wear-and-tear on blades and extra product and time required.

6. Dogs with fleas are NOT permitted in the store/salon. If a dog is found to have fleas during a groom, the dog will be given a flea bath to kill all adult fleas and the groom will be stopped and the owners will be called for pick up. Any ticks found on a dog will be removed at a charge of $1/tick.

7. Some dogs require mild sedation in order to be groomed safely. It is up to the customer to see their vet to receive sedative medication, inform the salon during booking that their dog requires sedation, and tell their groomer when their dog has been given sedative medication. Groomers have the right to refuse sedated dogs if they do not feel comfortable completing the groom.

8. In the event of a medical emergency your groomer will contact you immediately to pick up your pet. If the emergency is life threatening and your groomer is able to transport your dog to an emergency vet clinic, they will do so. We cannot guarantee that transport will be possible, so please be available by telephone at all times during the groom.

9. No shows or last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) are subject to a fee of 50% of the intended service. Fees must be paid at the time of the next appointment. After two incidents, we will no longer be able to provide services to the customer.

10. If you are dissatisfied with your pet’s groom please let us know within 48 hours and we will do our best to resolve it for you.